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TMI Friday: Telephone support

When things go wrong, often we turn to the humble telephone to help us out. Whether we turn to it to call for services found in the yellow pages, family, friends and the authorities when an emergency strikes. So when the subject of this weeks TMI Friday was faced with a problem he could not solve, he too turned to the telephone.
He had unfortunately "Lost his erections" after suffering a heart attack. Instead of opting for the usual impotence medications, he discovered another way of coping. He used his telephone to find his erections again.
He threaded telephone wire up his urethra to give himself a solid enough erection to allow him to masturbate. He did this for three years before running into any problems. One day, the telephone wire just got stuck. When he tried to pull it out, all he got was blood, and soon he lost control of his bladder.
When he eventually got to hospital, a X ray revealed that the telephone wire had coiled inside his bladder. The doctors managed to successfully pull it out with much difficulty and a heavy dose of local anaesthetic.

Trehan R.K., Haroon A., Memon S. & Turner D. (2007). Successful removal of a telephone cable, a foreign body through the urethra into the bladder: a case report, Journal of Medical Case Reports, 1 (1) 153. DOI:

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