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TMI Friday: The worst way to be caught dead

There are many things that we all do in our private time when no-one can possibly see us. Things that could potentially embarrass us. Like farting yourself a warm spot in bed. Or rearranging ones testicles to ensure that they don't undergo the dreaded "Testicle Torsion Injury". Or perhaps ordering a whole bucket of Choc-Chip Ice cream to yourself. But no-one would want to be found dead in bed with half a bucket of melted ice cream smeared on ones face whilst having one hand frozen mid scratch and the dreadful aroma of your farts presiding over the affair.
Today's TMI Friday was simply asking for this fate.
There is a sexual practice known alliteratively as "autoerotic asphyxiation". The idea behind this practice is that suffocating at the point of climax is meant to somehow improve the experience. But it can be dangerous, especially if the person engaging in autoerotic asphyxiation is doing it alone, and as a result we will no doubt encounter this practice in the future.
There are a number of ways to induce asphyxiation. The subject of today's topic decided to use a plastic bag to help improve his masturbatory experience. He set up a complex series of luggage rack straps to control the degree of asphyxiation he experienced, but some how it all went wrong.
But it get's worse. Here is the full description of how he was found.
A case is reported of a 36-year-old male, found dead in his locked room, lying on a bed, dressed in his mother's clothes, with a plastic bag over his head, hands tied and with a barrel wooden cork in his rectum. Two pornographic magazines were found on a chair near the bed, so that the deceased could see them well. 
Atanasijević T., Jovanović A.A., Nikolić S., Popović V. & Jasović-Gasić M. (2009). Accidental death due to complete autoerotic asphyxia associated with transvestic fetishism and anal self-stimulation - case report., Psychiatria Danubina, PMID:

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