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Comic Journal Club: Was Hahnemann a Nostrum Vendor ?

Whilst combing the old literature, I found this gem of a paper from 1859. Aa normal blog post would not do the job for this paper, so I made a mad decision.  I decided to tell the story through the use of comic.

What the EHEC is that diagram of ?

 The history of science is peppered with great moments where people have gone above and beyond the call of duty in order to present their work in an accessible way. Think Florence Nightingale, and how she drew attention to the abominable conditions in hospitals through the use of a simple chart.  Or perhaps Vesalius, and his intricate and detailed diagrams of the human anatomy
The following paper deserves it's place among the greats, as it too has taken the graphical representation of science to a whole new level.
So what is this paper about?