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Blogging Microbes- Communicating Microbiology to Netizens

There was a conference on Blogging microbes at Nottingham University, with talks from Alan Cann, Shuna Gold, James Gurney and Oscar Rosales, organised by Ivan Lafayette from the Toxicologist Today.
Oh yeah, and I was there as well, talking about how blogging can enhance your scientific career.
We had a lot of fun there, it was crazy meeting other bloggers, and the people who read blogs. It was a really great atmosphere, and it was interesting meeting some of the other people in the community in real life.

It's also time that I confessed. I've been cheating on you guys with another blog. I've started contributing to I curate and contribute content there, aimed more towards a general audience than this blog. If you just want to read the stuff I write, then check out
I have no plans to leave field of science, as there is definitely some content I would like to contribute here, such as the MicroTwJC summaries, which wouldn't really fit for a lay audience. So keep an eye on this space as well.

#MicroTwJC 49 Expanding the Genetic Alphabet

Recently scientists have achieved a feat the like of which has not been seen in billions of years, they have added new letters to the genetic alphabet of a living organism.  What did they do? How did they do it ? Is it too good to be true? All these questions, and more await.

#MicroTwJc 46: FtsZ placement in Bacterial cells

An In depth look at how bacteria divide in "FtsZ placement in Nucleoid Free Bacteria"!

Statistical Websites:
1-way ANOVA
Tukey's Honestly Significant Difference

Microbiology Twitter Journal Club Website for more details:

MicroTwJC 45: When Antibiotic Resistant Compete (A video presentation)

This summary of the latest Microbiology Twitter Journal Club is going to be different in two ways. Firstly, it's late. Secondly, it's a video. I noticed a while ago that my explanations of papers tended to end up longer than the papers themselves, and I decided to experiment. Here are the results