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TMI Friday: A Shocking Discovery

You should always be careful with electricity, a fact that is perfectly illustrated in this weeks TMI Friday. Today we find yet another story of a poor soul who recklessly endangered their life during the course of masturbation.
He lived in a country mining town in Australia, and had last been seen drinking at a bar. No-one knew he'd be dead within three days. We don't exactly know the circumstances of his death, save from what could be deduced from the state of his corpse.
It seems that before he died, he decided to do some experimentation with electricity. 
He took the cord from one of his electrical appliances, and cut away the protective rubber around them to expose the wires. In any plug cord (In most countries) there are three wires. The live wire, the neutral wire and the earth wire. The live wire delivers the electricity, the neutral wire carries it away, and the earth wire diverts electricity to a safe place in the event of a fault.
The man had no use for the earth wire, so he tucked it back inside its sheath. He linked the neutral wire to his chest. He hooked the live wire up to a chain and wrapped it around his dick. With everything to his satisfaction, he plugged the cord in. Sparks flew.
It is thought that after he had separated from his wife, he had taken some time to travel overseas where he discovered how to use electricity for autoerotic stimulation. But when he tried to repeat the practice in his home town, he fell foul of one major difference between Australia and other countries.

The electric voltage overseas was less than half that of the mining town (110 V as compared with 240 V throughout Australia)

Cooke C.T., Cadden G.A. & Margolius K.A. (1994). Autoerotic Deaths: Four cases, Pathology, 26 (3) 276-280. DOI:

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