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TMI Friday: Friction Burns

When engaging in  Slicking the Willie, Molesting the monkey and Throttling the turkey, a thought may occur to the male masturbator. "If I do this too much, will it fall off ?"
So we come to the subject of today's topic. This gentleman showed up to the emergency room with a heavy fever, vomiting and muscle pain.
The patient had developed "Fournier's Gangrene" on his member. To those of you who don't know what Fournier's Gangrene is, it is a flesh eating disease which afflicts male genitalia. I probably don't have to tell you how awful it is, but you can always google image it.
How did this individual get Founrier's Gangrene ?
The doctors asked the patient.
Upon further questioning, he also endorsed severe scrotal pain and swelling and frequent masturbation with soap as a lubricant. He reported that past episodes of masturbation often resulted in recurrent penile erythema and abrasions
I am not exactly sure what the authors mean when they say that the patient "Endorsed" severe scrotal pain, but the frequent masturbation whilst using soap may have dried out his skin, and caused friction burns. These burns then got infected , and caused gangrene.
Unfortunately, the paper does not relate exactly how frequently the man masturbated before he gave himself a flesh eating disease.
But it turns out that if you do masturbate enough to give yourself friction burns, it could drop off. So ease up on the joystick jacking.

Heiner J.D., Eng K.D., Bialowas T.A. & Devita D. (2012). Fournier's Gangrene due to Masturbation in an Otherwise Healthy Male, Case Reports in Emergency Medicine, 2012 1-3. DOI:

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