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TMI Friday: If you lie down with beasts, you get up with diseases

The man arrived at a hospital with severe genital lesions, infection with a disgusting cocktail of different diseases. He said that these lesions started around two months prior to his admittance to the hospital. The question arose as to how he got these lesions.
After some coaxing, the man admitted that he was involved in a few unconventional sexual encounters. Although happily married for 30 years, but the last two months had been rather eventful. I'm going to quote directly from the article.
He had inserted his penis in the cat's mouth and the cat had bitten him causing pain and tenderness. There was no bleeding or ulceration. Subsequently, there was penile injury by a chain-zipper. He subsequently had vaginal intercourse with a bitch 1- 1 / 2 months back which was followed by penile erosions, burning mic­turition and phimosis.
I don't know whether there is anything else I need to say.

  Mittal A., Shennoi S. & Kumar K. (2000). Genital lesions following bestiality , Indian Journal Dermatology Venereology Leprology, (66) 95-96. DOI:

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