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We are Doomed- London Riots Edition

I alluded to many causes of our destruction in my comic of doom. I missed out the collapse of civilization, which is a shame considering that it is particularly apt for my current situation. London is burning as I write this.
Police have been unable to deal with the chaos.
People will tell you that it's been set off by the death of father of two Mark Duggan, who may or may not have been in possession of a converted replica gun, and may or may not have shot at police officers who definitely shot their own radio in the process. But this is by no means the whole story, which involves a lost youth with nothing to lose, an underfunded and demoralised police service and an economy in turmoil.

I'm currently aggregating news stories at my friend's non-science blog Ihatethisf**kingcity, and will write a better post on the London Riots once I can tie up the notes into a story, and once the fires have died down.

But if there is one thing I want to say at this minute, it's not a riot, it's the collapse of civil society.
to reiterate:

I'll be updating here. Its going to be a long night, and thankfully it's quiet where I am at the moment, and they haven't looted my coffee yet.

9/8/11- new updates can be found here. Better preparation,bigger police presence, should have more time to write a post on the origins of this catastrophe.

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