Field of Science

Microbial Phylomon and friends

I'm currently running low on ideas for what bacteria/fungi/protists/viruses/archaea I should convert to phylomon next. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments.


  1. How about the termite gut spirochete Treponema primitia that is capable of using CO2 as C source?

  2. Done, will post it with the next batch

  3. Love the pictures! You should do the research-rat E.coli at some point :p And my personal favourite (because I worked on it for so long) is Chromobacterium violacein, although that doesn't do much except turn purple and float around in the sea...

  4. I'm leaving e.coli for the moment, but chromobacterium seems interesting.

  5. helicobacter pylori - causes stomach ulcers and is an etiological agent in stomach cancer. one of the only bacteria living in the stomach.


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