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TMI Friday: Do you even lift ?

When I googled penile fracture GIFs, this was the first result

This week in TMI Friday we look at a case study from Taiwan, in which we hear about the many strange and interesting causes of penile fracture.

In the years between 1999 and 2007, there were 13 sufferers of penile fracture reported to Mackay Memorial hospital in Taipei.

For those of you who are not aware of what penile fracture is, it generally only occurs when a penis is fully erect. In this state, it is supported by blood flooding into the corpora cavernosa. This is what causes the penis to harden.  A penile fracture occurs when an extreme force damages the corpora cavernosa , causing the blood to flood out, and for the penis to "Fracture". This fracture is frequently signalled by a cracking noise and an immediate loss of boner. It can be repaired with surgery, although four of the patients refused this treatment, instead opting for icepacks and painkillers.

The most common cause of penile fracture in this study was through violent sexual intercourse, afflicting seven patients. Three patients suffered from penile fracture due to vigorous masturbation. In one unfortunate case, the patient was sleeping, and rolled onto his erection, which was broken by his body weight.

However, the most interesting cases of penile fracture were the final two patients, who suffered their injuries whilst performing a practice known as Chiu Chiu Shen Gong. From what I've read about it, it is a specialised set of exercises devised by martial artists which allows one to lift heavy objects using only the power of one's boner. To perfect this practice no doubt requires dedication, discipline and no doubt a tolerance for pain.

When performing chiu chiu shen gong, a heavy object is lifted by a string which was looped around the penile base with or without scrotal involvement. Penile fracture occurred ........ when the heavy object was suddenly picked up using the penis
What is even more interesting is one of the patients broke their penis, not once, but on two separate occasions whilst attempting to lift heavy weights with their dong. That is dedication, and history does not relate whether they indeed became masters of boner-fu, but in my heart I hope that somewhere, out there, they are using their skills to fight crime.

Shih H.J., Lin W.C., Chan H.K., Yang S., Hsu J.M., Chen M. & Tsei W.K. (2007). Penile Fracture: Analysis of 13 Patients and a Literature Review, Journal of the Taiwan Urological Association, 18 (2) 99-101. DOI:

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