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TMI Friday, Girls Month

Regular readers of the TMI fridays on this blog may have noticed a worrying trend. I didn't notice it until I came across a post on twitter:

I didn't notice this at first, and I looked through my back catalogue to disabuse this notion, and realised how spot on this tweet was. At first, I thought that maybe there weren't any stories about women's antics out there. But I immediately knew this was wrong, because I had a couple of stories about women on my reject pile. That was when I realised. I've been sexist about the stories I've been telling.
I'll give an example.
I read a story about a man cheating on his wife, and how in retaliation, she slipped a wedding ring over his penis, causing a condition known as "penile" strangulation, and I found this story hilarious. When hearing a story of genital mutilation with the genders reversed, I suddenly felt very ill. 
I realised that I had a mental block that could be summarised like this :
"Violence against women = Not funny"
So when I read a story that could be genuinely be funny about some poor girl injuring themselves whilst masturbating, I don't generally feel like discussing it. But this has to change. I've been missing out on a rich vein of weird and embarrassing stories because of my prejudices.
To redress the balance, for the next month, I will be posting "TMI Friday" stories focussing on stories women, because men don't have the monopoly on stupidity, even if it sometimes feels that way.

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