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Cower Before Pretzlcoatlus !

The long neck of the Quetzlcoatlus always looked really odd to me, until I realised that all of the fossil conformations looked completely off.And when I zoomed in to the pictures of quetzlcoatlus fossils, I noticed that all of the structures were strangely square, almost like pixels. I propose that these are salt crystals ! Taking this new evidence into account,  I suggest an entirely new reconstruction for this beast. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Pretzlcoatlus !

No, I'm not just overinterpreting every blemish on the paleontological images just to support my theory. I have verified it with tracing paper and crayon. And I need your support to get this new creature recognised by the paleontological community.
Ignore the unsavoury musings that can be found at tetrapod zoology
And the distasteful take found in Laelaps
And you should almost certainly disregard the  "lacking in snacky-goodness" views of the paleo king

Hail Pretzlcoatlus !


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