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Links 04/06/11

Hello, Gutentag and other such phrases.

You may notice in the next couple of weeks that there will be a complete lack of new posts. This is mostly because I have a few massive experiments set up for the next few weeks, that will absorb all of my energy.
But never mind that, there is plenty of other stuff on the internet that is worth reading.

Writing - Although it is very new, the first few posts are certainly worth a read. The style is long form, and the posts are notable not only because of their science coverage, but the coverage of the scientists themselves. It is because of this weaving together of fact and story that I recommend it as a cracking read. My favourite post so far is on the bubonic plague

Podcasts  I would like to say that I wasted an afternoon listening to the entire back catalogue of this podcast. But that would be a lie. I don't think that it was a waste of my time at all. It is funny, interesting and informative.


 Gunnerkrigg Court - Probably one of the best webcomics out there, with tight plotting, great art and characterisation. Admittedly, it does happen to be a story about a person going to a mysterious school.
 But apart from that, it does occasionally deal with scientific themes as well as magical ones. If you want to know the one reason why I respect this comic are these three pages. I don't know many comics that are brave enough to give a balanced view of animal research, but apparently this is one of them.

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